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Does everyone who know you, know about the Gospel?


My name is Dave Partin.  I am a Evangelical Presbyterian Missionary with World Outreach serving with my family in Budapest, Hungary and working with Campus Crusade reaching college students with the Gospel.

My family’s personal website:

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This site is based on our strategy we use to build student led movements everywhere.  We need one foundational-good-simplistic strategy that we can easily train the next generation of evangelists that will reach the world for Christ.

The tools and information used is mostly from: Campus Crusade 4 Laws booklet, The Fék ministry in Hungary, SpeakOut English Camp, John Piper, 8 years in Kansas City at Covenant Chapel as a Youth Pastor, and many hours of great conversations with men and women of God who want to reach the world with the Gospel.

If you have any suggestions feel free to email me or leave a note on the response page.

Share Often with Boldness and Love.

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