Your Personal Ministry

Does everyone who know you, know about the Gospel?

The Strategy


[ Prepare ] We need to prepare strategies of evangelism so that we can be most effective in every sphere of our lives.
[ Share ] – We need to share the Gospel often with boldness and love.
[ Transfer ] – We need to transfer to others a passion for God by studying the Bible together and helping them form their own personal ministry.

Your Personal Ministry is sharing the Gospel with people you know and random people you meet so that they also can have a relationship with Jesus.  Successful evangelism is the sharing of the Good News of Jesus with others and is not dependent on the response of the person. Everyone is on a their own path, taking steps to either a decision to follow Christ or not. When we share our faith with others correctly we become a step in their conversion story. God gets the Glory, and we get the joy when we offer truth to others.  We seed and water, and only God makes things grow. Here is a great “Compass Lesson” that explains: The three motives for doing evangelism.

Step 1 [ Prepare ]

[Prepare] WHAT to say. The Gospel should be memorized and practiced so that when you have the opportunity to share it, you will have confidence and do it with skill.  “The Diagram” of the gospel is one of the best. Memorize your presentation and the Bible verses.

[Prepare] WHO to share with.  Write down names of people in the spheres of your life.  Do they know the Gospel or do they have a personal ministry?
The Four Basic Spheres of Life: 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Acquaintances (coworkers, neighbors…) 4. Random People (intentional people that you approach and unintentional people that happen to be next to you)   Design a strategy for each sphere of your life so as to transition smoothly from everyday conversations into gospel conversations.   Example below of “John’s Personal Ministry” – (made with MindNode, mind-mapping software)

Step 2 [ Share ]

Part 1: Initiating a Gospel Conversation

[with People You Know] Just share something about your church, prayer, a friend in Bible study, anything about faith and then ask this question: “I’m curious, I’ve never asked you this before, how would you describe Christianity?” Then listen to them carefully. The follow up question to allow you to share the gospel is: “Could I draw a picture for you that someone drew for me that helped me answer that question?”

[with Random People] Use a “Church Survey”.   Say, “Excuse me.  Can you help me?  I go to (your church name), and we are always interested in what people think about church. Do you have five minutes to answer three questions?
1.Why do you think people go to church?
2.Is religion important to you?
3.If you had to describe Christianity to someone, what would you say?
The follow up question to allow you to share the gospel with them is: “Would you be interested to know how I would answer that last question?”

   Download Surveys – “Church Survey” : “Student Survey” : “Easter Survey

Part 2 : Sharing the Gospel

Share with them the Gospel. See The Diagram webpage.  Be sure to ask them if they want to start a relationship with Jesus.

If they say “YES” then Praise God! Pray with them and help them understand what it means to be a child of God.  There is an example prayer in the back of the “4 laws booklet”.

If they say “NO” show them in a booklet (4 laws for example) where there is a prayer if in the future they change their mind.  Example ending statement if they say they are not ready : “OK, so I know you said you are not ready to make this decision right now, and I understand this is a lot all at once, but there may be a day that you do want to start a relationship with Jesus.  Here in the back of this booklet is an example prayer. I said something very similar to God when I gave my life to him.  Also in this book is some Bible verses and things that I have shared with you.”

Always leave with them 3 things:
.:. spiritual material – example: Campus Crusade 4 Laws tract “Know God Personally?”
.:. contact info for you personally
.:. invitation to an event (Sunday morning service, outreach event, church website…)

Part 3: Prayer

Always pray before and after you share with someone.  As you approach them ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and open their heart.  After you leave an appointment lift that person up in prayer while you walk away.  Keep these people in your prayers. Start a list and wait for their email or phone call.

Step 3 [ Transfer ]

.:. When someone accepts Christ you need to set up follow-up appointments to disciple them.  You should meet with him or her once a week to discuss this new relationship with Jesus.  This “Compass Follow-up Material” is written for college students but is easily used for any new believer.  It is very well written, step-by-step organized and free! It is in three sections: 1) Walk by Faith   2) Communicate Your Faith   3) Multiply Your Faith
.:. Model your strategies for other believers through discipleship so they can build their own personal ministry.  We must think multiplication not duplication.
.:. A healthy process for evangelism training is to — Practice together > They watch > They help > They do > Evaluate
.:. Have organized evangelism times.  Meet for discipleship and evangelism training in public places where you can do random evangelism with surveys.
.:. Set evangelistic goals for each other. Example: Share the full gospel once a week.

Download the 2 page PDF version of the Your Personal Ministry Strategy – PDF YourPersonalMinistry Handout